• About Us

    Sandala Journeys is a niche Halal Tourism headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. The company provides end to end travel services specializing in Hajj & Umrah, halal friendly outbound tours and international visa services.

    Sandala Journeys is a professional brand with an aim to provide simple service and consistent delivery through effective systems and processes.

    *Sandala Journeys is owned and manage by your company.

  • The Genesis of the

    Sandala Journeys

    Halal Tourism, a fast growing sector marred by the unprofessionalism of the service providers will continue to be a thread carefully problem for the aspirational, the affluent and the millennials who seek Internationally acceptable levels of customer service and professionalism that UAE has come to be associated with.

    Given the mismatch between the existing service levels and the expectations of a certain target market, we believe that there is tremendous potential in bridging this gap. A gap which does not require us to do something new, the solution lies in doing things “a little different, a lot better”.

  • Sandala Journeys Solution

    A little different, A lot better

    The Sandala Journeys solution lies within the simplicity of ideas, of action and delivery. Borrowing from the successes and failures of the new age supply and demand ecosystem, Sandala Journeys does not propose to reinvent the industry, except creating a niche, a 'Blue Ocean' for the people that associate with it

    Sandal Journeys is working to:

    1. Create a professional brand with consistently good customer service and reliable fulfillment
    2. Make it easy for the aspirational class, the affluent and the millennials to enjoy Halal Tourism
    3. Draw up service levels and fulfillment channels which can be taken to sub agents
    4. Make geography, high entry barriers and market limitations redundant
  • Sandala Journeys


    The Sandala Journeys Team brings a combined experience of over 50 years of building successful international brands, managing profitable businesses with strong domain expertise in the tourism Industry. The team believes that the genesis of Sandala Journeys is at the right time, albeit the 1st step of building an international Halal Tourism brand, one location at a time. Sandala Journeys is in the business of Halal Tourism, a business to make money for its investors but more importantly in the business to ensure that every individual that engages with us becomes a part of value creation.

    Core Team

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